Exercises to Present to Your Sales Staff That’ll Build Up Their Confidence

Sales can be a tough field to work in– the repeated daily rejections can eventually wear on the confidence of even the best of salespeople. Every now and then, it is good for salespeople to participate in exercises to help restore their confidence. Here are three exercises your sales staff can use to build up their confidence, before their next group of sales calls:

1. Practice role-playing objections (and responses) with each other

The best way to get good at handling objections is through repeated exposure. Most customers are not particularly creative in the objections they offer; your sales force can probably already narrow down the five or ten most common objections. So, when your sales team practices hearing the objection, and developing better responses, the real objections will seem much less intimidating. This frees your salespeople to focus on other things, such as how the customers are responding to the answer, so they get even better as they gain more experience.

2. Review prior sales calls which went especially well

Sales attempts which went well can be instructive. There may be some techniques which you unwittingly used, which you want to keep for future sales calls. Quite possibly, a successful sales call may have been the beginning of one of your team members discovering their own unique voice and style for presenting. Whatever the case, sales calls which succeed are always fun to review, and can help build up the team’s confidence when they are at a low point.

3. Review prior sales calls which did not go as planned

Once you have gained knowledge and understanding of how a sales attempt did not go as planned, then it is best to put the failed call behind you. The exception are those sales calls which were not completely awful, but which have some elements which your sales team can laugh about now. Perhaps they did not know how to handle a particular objection then, but came up with a good answer– right after the call had concluded. Possibly someone else from the team called on the same prospect later, and achieved different results. Sales calls which made your team into better sales people are wonderful confidence builders, once you can get beyond the temporary setback of not making the sale.

Therefore, by role-playing objections, and reviewing both good (and bad) previous sales attempts, it is possible for your sales staff to build up their confidence, so they perform better on calls in the future.