Find a Present That’s Unique

The holidays are coming and so is the stress of shopping for presents. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a present with such broad appeal that you could give it to a lot of the people on your Christmas list? Wouldn’t it be even nicer to find a present with broad appeal that is unique and long lasting? There is such a gift. It’s a custom cookbook of your favorite family recipes. If you want to give the relatives on your Christmas list something that they won’t regift or shove in a closet, then give them a family cookbook. A family cookbook is the perfect gift because it’s unique, easy to make and will be enjoyed for many years.

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of relatives on your Christmas list and it’s challenging to come up with gift ideas for them. This year, you can cross-off a bunch of the names on your list by creating a cookbook of family recipes. A family cookbook is unique and the perfect gift for adult children who recently got their own place and started cooking. It will definitely save you the time and inconvenience of giving them the same recipe more than once. It’s not just the perfect gift for adult children. It’s also the perfect gift for other relatives on your list. Relatives who cook a lot will love getting more recipes to add to their collection. Relatives who don’t cook very often will appreciate having recipes for dishes that they’ve enjoyed at family gatherings.

Now that we have the personal computer, it’s easy to make a professional looking cookbook. You can do- it-yourself with a simple word processing program. Just open a new file, create a cover, type your recipes and then add an index. If you don’t want to make your cookbook from scratch, there are cookbook programs that provide pre-formatted templates for easy cookbook creation. The programs are available for purchase on CDs or by download on the internet. There are also websites that allow you to create a cookbook by entering recipes on their websites. If you don’t already have family recipes for your cookbook, then contact family members and ask them for their best recipes. Tell them that you’re updating your recipe collection and would love to add some of their best recipes to it. When you finish making your cookbook, you can either print it from your home computer or take it to a local print shop for printing and binding.

If you need to find a present that is unique and long lasting, then consider making a family cookbook. It’s the perfect present because everyone loves home-style cooking. The cookbook will be read and reread because it brings back memories of family gatherings and delicious food. It definitely won’t be regifted or thrown in the trash. With the holidays approaching in a few months, now is a great time to start creating your cookbook. Think of how great it would feel to cross-off a bunch of names from your Christmas list with one gift.