How to Give Effective and Interesting Presentations

Presentation is an integral part of the activities that are done by researchers. With the presentation, they try to communicate their ideas directly to the listener, which means also in the scientific community (collective thought).

In the reality, there are some researchers who have interesting materials, but they cannot present their ideas well. As the result, they cannot catch the listener’s attention.

An easy way to assess a good or bad presentation is from the questions that are made by listeners. If the presentation can result many questions and comments from the listeners, it could be said that the presentation is interesting. In the other hand, if you get no comment from the listeners, the presentation is failed.

One of activities you should do to give effective and interesting presentation is to check the projector. You should do it before giving presentation because without checking the projector, your tiredness to prepare slide or software is not well worth and you cannot present your ideas in the D-day.

You will regret if your presentation can be failed just because your projector cannot work well. To avoid this kind of failure, check it first to make sure that it can work well.

If you need to borrow a projector to give the presentation, check its specification and installation. Next, come earlier than the presentation schedule and recheck the projector to make sure that it works appropriately. Those steps are to anticipate the damage that might exist, so you still have time to fix it and find another solution.

When you set the projector display, you should not use the slides that will be presented. It is suggested to prepare several slides that function as “test-pattern” in the beginning pages of your presentation file.