Presentation Tip, One Tip to Get Their Attention!

Presentation Tip?

Get Their Attention

One Tip to Get Their Attention!

There is one presentation tip that can help you be a great presenter! Get the attention of your audience by doing this one thing.

Before I share this one thing, I want to remind you that to be a good speaker, you must be true to yourself! Be who YOU are during a presentation. Learn from others, but don’t try to be “like” anyone else. I encourage you to be a More Fabulous You!

If you are comfortable giving a speech, then your audience will be comfortable. There is NOTHING worse than a presenter who is so nervous they find it difficult to get the words out, or they may be fidgeting, or fighting with their technology. When this happens, the audience can feel it, and they want out as much as the presenter!

Learning presentation strategies should help you become more comfortable, not be more stressed out.

Presentation Tip – Increase Audience Participation

The one thing that you can do to increase participation – have GIVEAWAYS! Yes, give your audience something in return for answering a question. Everybody wants something for free. I have always been amazed at the concept, but it does work!

Everyone Likes Giveaways

Men, women and even the wealthy enjoy giveaways. I was attending a fundraiser with high dollar donors, and they wanted the giveaways too! I was surprised because they could have bought what was being given away. Do NOT underestimate the power that a giveaway can have!

Examples of Small, Fun Giveaways

A giveaway does not have to be high dollar. Below are a few suggestions for smaller giveaways. The more expensive a giveaway, the more specialized your audience will be. The small giveaways are good to keep attention while keeping it economical for the presenter or speaker.

  • Gum – Double Bubble works well for this – younger audiences love candy giveaways!
  • Hard Candy
  • Suckers – these are normally a huge hit
  • Fun pens or pencils
  • Notepads
  • Coloring Books for Adults
  • Books – Related to the topic or written by the speaker
  • Admission Ticket or Coupon – local event that requires a ticket
  • Gift Card – small amounts work well too!

Advantages of Giveaways

The next time you are preparing for a presentation, consider the power that a giveaway can have for your success. Several advantages are listed below.

  1. Attention Grabbing – Keeps the audience attention
  2. Fun – Provides fun during the presentation – everyone enjoys “winning.”
  3. Interaction – Gets the audience interacting with the content (HUGE)
  4. Highlights the Audience – Doesn’t keep the spotlight on the speaker
  5. Longevity – After the presentation, the audience will talk about the giveaways

In conclusion, when preparing for a presentation, consider giveaways as a great way to increase interaction. Your success as a presenter can be enhanced by introducing giveaways!

Christmas Presents Need Not Be the Same Traditional Ones

Christmas is approaching, and with it the crowds at shopping malls is getting bigger and bigger. Everyone is busy buying Christmas gifts according to his requirements and of course his budget. Christmas is all about making merry and this giving of Christmas presents only adds to happiness and cheers all around. If you are bored with buying toys for your kids and dresses for your lovely wife as Christmas gifts every year, why not try out something new this year. There are a lot of unusual sporting activities that have become very popular over the last few years and people are buying vouchers to present them to their dear ones to participate in these activities and have a great festival. If you are not aware of them, here are some of them which make perfect Christmas presents.


Listening to the word buggies, the first thing that comes to mind is the buggies for little toddlers that people use for their movement from one place to another. But have you heard about dune buggies that are motorized vehicles specially created to provide a fun filled ride over terrains such as deserts and beaches? No? Then you are missing on some wild excitement and a lot of fun. These buggies have wide tires and an open chassis that is powered by a modified engine. As it is, people have a very carefree attitude when enjoying at a beach, and these buggies add to all the excitement and the fun as people can sit and have a wonderful ride along the beach.

Today there are specially made tracks for these buggies and events are organized on a commercial basis where people can come along with their families and have a fun filled outing driving these buggies. If you think this idea will excite the kids and your wife, you can buy gift vouchers for them to have a memorable Christmas this year.

Tuff Trucks

If you are adventurous and have daredevil kids to boot, why not go for Tuff trucks this Christmas to have all the thrill and excitement? Tuff Trucks are comic looking vehicle with a small body and extra large tires. But they are so made to overcome all the hurdles placed in their way and this is the concept that has given rise to many sporting events specially organized for people who wish to have a lot of thrill and excitement driving these crazy looking vehicles.

The sport involves crossing small boulders in the beginning and soon the obstructions become larger and scarier. But this is what Tuff Truck driving is all about. It takes a little practice to understand the controls but as soon as you learn how to overcome a rock or a boulder without falling over, driving tuff trucks becomes a lot of fun. To make the activity more exciting, events involving tuff trucks are being organized in the evenings under lights.

These are activities that make for very exciting Christmas gifts and ensure a fun filled and a memorable festival.

Living the 10/80/10 Rule for Past/Present/Future Awareness

One of the great things about journals or taking regular snapshots (not just selfies) is that when you look back, you realize how quickly time really does fly. I decided to clean my office recently and while I was moving some papers, my old student card from the University of British Columbia, hit the floor and I quickly realized how much time has passed. My youthful appearance in 1992 has transitioned into a present day portrait that reflects the passing of a significant amount of time. I can still remember sitting in dank libraries studying, late into the night thinking how the time seemed stagnant and interminable. Once and a while I would daydream about what my life would be like when I was done university and then all of a sudden “poof” a few years fly by. My Dad used to (and still does) remind me to be careful about wishing or dreaming my life away because time has a curious was of speeding up if you are not paying attention to the present moment.

I recently read a story about a family who decided that life was going by too quickly and they wanted to step off the “treadmill” and really live their lives fully and presently. They quit their jobs, sold everything and decided that they were, along with their young children, going to buy bicycles and ride them from Alaska to Argentina. They completed the trek in just over three years. Working in healthcare for many years, I was reminded on an almost daily basis about the importance of living a full and rich life. When people realize that the end is near, more often than not they talk about wishing they took more chances and lived in the moment rather than worrying about the future or regretting the past.

It is easy to say but hard to do: live in the present moment. We of course have to spend some time planning and dreaming about what we want our lives to be but we must spend the majority of time living in the present and making it happen. By being in the present moment, time really does change its rate. If you were to force yourself to pay attention to the seconds, you would find that the days seem longer. The key is to pay attention to the seconds while doing something that is mundane. Really try to make those moments last and be present in them. We all have mundane things we have to do like brush our teeth, shovel the driveway, cut the grass, and pay the bills. These moments, which are usually neutral in terms of emotional attachment, can be used as moments for practicing present moment awareness and slowing life down. Being mindful is not just about slowing things down but it literally improves our health. Research has shown that when people are taught to practice mindfulness for just thirty minutes a day for eight weeks, their brain literally changes. The brain grows in the area responsible for feelings of happiness and shrinks in areas which cause feelings of fear, rage, and anxiety.

If we accept that the present moment is the only moment you can affect, then it is here where we should spend the majority of our time. I have met clients who have told me that bad things are always just happening to them. When I listen to their history, it is hard to argue that their lives sound like a series of unfortunate events. I believe that in many cases by living in the future or the past too long, our hand is no longer on the “tiller of our boat” and we are at the mercy of the winds to blow us any which way. Their is not much point to living in the past as that part of time cannot be affected and the future is only imaginary so there is no point in being there too long either. I tell my clients to try and live the 10/80/10 rule for past/present/future. There is certainly some value in reflecting on the past. The past can be a good teacher and it can also be a reminder of how far you have come on your journey. Looking at the old snapshots can be useful if they are creating happy feelings. The future can be useful to set a course and a plan with the knowledge that you really cannot know how it will all work out but implementing the plan in the present gives you a better chance of reaching the goal. Spend a bit of time dreaming and planning but the majority of the time is spent right here at this moment.

Most often clients will say to me that they find just sitting and being mindful to be unproductive. They also tell me that they cannot find the time to do this for five minutes a day. I remind them that mindfulness does not have to be done sitting. It can be done when you brush your teeth but if you are brushing your teeth and thinking about what you will do next, it is not mindful and it is not present moment awareness. This practice of mindfulness done as often as you can and must be thought of as the most productive thing you can do in a day. I use the analogy of a needle on a record player. Our subconscious mind is continuing to play the same record over and over. There is no chance for growth or change if you are hearing the same thing day in and day out. Instead of music, our subconscious minds are playing tracks which are well worn grooves of our fears, insecurities, and beliefs. If you want real change, lift the needle off the record for a few minutes everyday. Quiet your mind so that new tracks can be laid.

Try the 10/80/10 rule and see how much of your time was probably spent in past or future. When I look at the old picture of me from 1992, I see a young man who lived too much of his life in the future. I don’t look at the picture with regret but rather I see how far I have come and I can celebrate the progress… but not for too long. Time to get back to making life actually happen. Time to go mindfully shovel my driveway.